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CTS provides ongoing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Northern Kentucky University's local area network and wide area network cabling infrastructure. Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is a comprehensive, metropolitan university of approximately 11,500 students served by 1,200 faculty and staff on a modern campus convenient to Cincinnati, Ohio. NKU offers associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees. Our installation and support services encompass small station cabling moves, adds or changes; relocation of existing phone sets; cable plant audits; and complete station and backbone infrastructure upgrades of buildings and campus areas. CTS also assists the university with technical specifications and budgetary planning for future growth and maintenance of their voice and data networks.

In addition to providing ongoing service to the university, CTS has completed several key projects on the NKU campus. Working as the onsite contractor for NEC Corporation, CTS provided the infrastructure upgrade and cutover assistance to successfully transition NKU from its existing switch to a new digital/VoIP (voice-over IP) hybrid switch. Specifications of this project were as follows:

  • Set, tested and detailed 2,500 analog and digital multiline telephone sets across the campus.
  • Provided 24-hour onsite support for a seven-day period as well as ongoing maintenance support during and after switch cutover.
  • Brought new dormitory online via new copper and fiber optic cable for voice and LAN services.
  • Upgraded existing network infrastructure to support the new hybrid digital/VoIP capable switch, including installation of a new 1,000-foot conduit bank, copper and fiber cabling.
  • Provided ongoing support of the switch, performing programming changes on existing digital and analogue sets while assisting the transition to VoIP.

In another key project for NKU, CTS assisted in developing the infrastructure for a new state-of-the-art dormitory. This modern, 121,000-square-foot dormitory was designed with the goal of increasing the on-campus student experience and providing students with an exceptional educational/living environment. The new building was designed to house 400 students in 100 student living suites, along with 12 residential adviser suites, a laundry room, and eight student lounges. Working in conjunction with the general contractor, electrical contractor, architect, and NKU information technology network staff, CTS was responsible for incorporating the new dormitory's IT, voice, security, and CaTV infrastructure into the existing campus network and ensuring that all of the students' technology needs were met.

"We’ve worked with CTS for several years now and they have far exceeded any other vendor we’ve had. They are always responsive to NKU’s diverse needs, they’re accurate with their pricing, and they meet NKU’s standards, which are somewhat different from what other industries require. With the contract we have with them, we have one of their people on site all the time, but I get resources from the whole company, not just that person. Their background, experience and knowledge base has brought other sources to us as well, and helped us get better service and pricing from other vendors."

Bob Weber
Network Infrastructure Manager
Northern Kentucky University


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