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CTS provides ongoing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Northern Kentucky University's local area network and wide area network cabling infrastructure. Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is a comprehensive,...


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Creating a communications network that is reliable, up-to-date, and efficient presents an ongoing challenge for many IT and facilities managers. Finding an experienced and quality-driven partner for your voice and data networking needs can be the difference between seamless connections or sleepless nights.

At CTS, we take pride in making sure your networks flow smoothly, minute to minute, hour by hour, day after day. Our skilled technicians, more than 100 strong, are highly trained in the latest technologies and have many years of hands-on experience and knowledge. Because we offer outside network construction services as well as the complete range of inside infrastructure systems, CTS is in a unique position to provide a turnkey solution to customers whose networking needs span multiple buildings and locations.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you're trying to connect users in one building to a second building located five miles across town, CTS can make it happen-more cost effectively than traditional telecom providers. That's because CTS performs all of the traditional network infrastructure services inside the buildings, but also does the outside construction necessary to connect the two buildings together-even when they are miles apart. This work involves either buried or underground construction or aerial and pole line construction, as well as knowledge and handling of local and state regulations and permitting requirements. Our 25 years of experience providing these services for local phone companies enables us to bring this capability to our other customers as well.

The result? Our customers enjoy centralized voice and data links between facilities, resulting in increased productivity, efficiencies and-most importantly-cost savings.

Whatever your project or problem, CTS has the in-house expertise and experience to design, build and install the network solution to meet your needs.

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